The Plan

Before we set off from New York, we were so naiive, so arrogant, so narrowly linear in our thinking!  In our minds, we were going to zip around the world in about three years, and then pick up our lives where they left off when we got back, as if we'd only gone for an extended vacation. 

Then we actually left.  And by the time we were supposed to be going through the Panama Canal, we were still in the Bahamas, thoroughly enjoying ourselves.  We threw the original plan out the window, and decided not to stress about slowing down our travels.  Waaaaay down.  We traded long ocean passages for the thorny path to windward, stopping at dozens of tiny islands and making new friends.  We traveled from the Bahamas to Turks and Caicos to the Dominican Republic, the south coast of Puerto Rico and Vieques.

By the time we reached US Virgin Islands, our funds had dwindled and we both picked up jobs to refill the coffers.  When our bank account was back in good shape, we had a baby boy, and he emptied it again!   Another amazing experience that left us broke and happy.

So after another half a year of saving up a modest little kitty, we'll head off to see what we can see before it’s time to turn around and save up some more.  As for picking up our old lives where we left off, the rat race up North will always be there.  We’ll go back to it when (and if!) we’re good and ready.

Leaving New York Harbor, October 15th 2008.

Check out our google map!  We'll try our best to keep it updated as we poke along.

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