Ship's Log

December 21, 2007

Q:  What time is it?
A:  It's 6 1/2 minutes to ten, but also it's CHRISTMASTIME!  Happy holidays to everyone!

Let it never be said that the crew of SARABANDE is lacking in holiday cheer.  Our monstrously huge shrink wrap creation (which has been nicknamed "The Ark" by some totally jealous dockmates) is festooned with lights and decorations.  From a distance, it looks like a weird, multi-colored spaceship!  We've decorated our tree and hung our stockings, and the galley's been overflowing with cookies and special holiday dishes.  We've got a Festivity Bubble if ever there was one!

It came to pass that several lobsters were onboard the other day, and they spent about half an hour in the cockpit waiting to be turned into a fancy dinner. Sheba was strangely at peace around them and hung out with them the whole time.  Later the same day, even after befriending them and gaining their trust, she ate them.  She's a hard old lady, that one.

"Finally, someone who understands me."

The bubble itself structurally is holding up really well.  Some 50+ mph gusts of wind earlier in the week really tested its strength, and everything's still in one piece.  Brian's stern window, which was strategically designed so we would still have our fabulous view of the city, turned out to be a great idea!   Last year's bubble had a feeling of caustrophobia, partially because there wasn't a clear view to the outside world.  Now, we can see what the heck's going on outside, and we even got to watch a random fireworks display while it snowed the other day, all from the comfort of our dry, warm, bubblicious cockpit.  Hooray!


Here are a few pictures of some random holiday goings-on.  And another important update's coming up soon!  

If we don't see you, have a wonderful Christmas/Kwanzaa/Saturnalia/etc. and a very Happy New Year to all.

Brian and Alicia


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