Ship's Log

November 28, 2007

Hello, there!  It's been a while since we've updated, but it's been a very busy couple of weeks on SARABANDE!  

For one, we finally pulled our mast and it went much more smoothly than expected.  Also we made kind of a cool discovery afterwards.  When the crane lifted the mast by the intial two feet or so, about 6 cups of what can only be characterized as "mast droppings" came raining out of the open end in the cabin.  It looked like salt, but neither of us dared to taste it, and this reluctance is comforting evidence that we are still sane.  We'll never know, but it was probably a mixture of salt from ocean spray and corrosion from the aluminum.  But  none of this is the cool discovery part.

After the mast was dealt with, Alicia was cleaning up this pile of droppings and found a coin, heads-up, buried underneath.  We've heard about this superstition--that a coin under the mast brings good luck-- and have no intention of tampering with the good fortune our ship has had so far.  The coin will be polished and placed under the mast again when we restep.  And we'll probably add a shiny new one of our own for good measure.  We are firm believers in nautical superstitions, and this one seems especially important since it was already in place.  

Keep that luck flowin', little guy!  Good work!

With the mast pulled, we filled up our gas tanks and then guided our denuded boat into her new winter slip.  Pictures of the whole thing are here.  We're sharing a dock with some really great people, so this winter purports to be a fun and memorable one.  Living aboard a boat during a Northeastern winter is such a trial, filled with a million little inconveniences and a few really big ones, so it's nice to have good folks around who understand.  

Thanksgiving dinner on the boat turned out really well, all were stuffed, and a monster batch of pet food took care of most of the leftovers (Brian was a little sad about that).  Here are a few pictures from our little feast, mostly dealing with turkey logistics.

This Sunday looks like it's going to finally be WRAP DAY, even though the weather looks like it's going to be somewhat crap (snow already?!).  Still, we're excited to use the flamethrower, known to it's gracious owners as "The Dragon", and it'll be nice to be cozy in our tight little plastic drum afterwards.

Cheers, all!


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