November 05, 2007

A sad announcement:  our personal 2007 sailing season has officially closed.  

Yesterday we wrestled SARABANDE's mainsail and jib into their sail bags and sadly drove them down to our storage facility for their winter hibernation.  Once we found an area clean and big enough to spread them out for proper folding (a rarely-used parking lot free of greasy car-droppings), we were struck at how huge these sails really are--it takes a lot of canvas to move around our big old lady! Wanna see photos?

There are still some hardy boats from our marina heading out into the bluster for day sails, but yesterday had to be the day for us in order to fit into our projects timeline.  Next weekend we're traveling to Oklahoma and Arkansas for some visiting with Brian's family, and the weekend after that, we're pulling our mast in preparation for the Festival of Shrink Wrappage taking place the following weekend!   Yesterday was just the first domino to fall in a series of many.

We also took the ship's compass, the plastic tote full of painting supplies known around the boat as "Paint Town", and a few other temperature-sensitive items there to rest for the winter, and exchanged them for a truckload of winter coats, heavy clothes, and blankets.  Lame!  The chill is finally here, and the thought of clearing ice off a slippery dock in the freezing wind is hardly thrilling.  At least this time next year we'll be sailing to warmer climes.  Just one more winter of this nonsense!

Dawn is coming later and later these days.  Here's Louie just before one of his morning strolls:


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