September 12, 2007:

Welp, this summer's done.  What an improvement over last summer!  With luxuries like A/C, refrigeration, pressurized water, multiple hatches and opening ports at our disposal, last summer aboard HAMBO seemed like a joke in poor taste aboard civilized SARABANDE.  Plus, we spent a good amount of time out on the water getting to know our boat, and we were pleasantly suprised by how well she sails.  This boat is no joke! What a god-send!  Joe, we continue to thank you.

But with fall coming on, it's time to get cracking on boat projects!  We're slated to come out of the water from Sept 24-28 for SARABANDE's Spa Week.  The plan is to relaunch our boat looking and smelling prettier, with a couple of through-hulls replaced, her rudder stock cleaned and greased, and a thick new coat of paint on her bottom.  A more extensive list of work appears in the MISC section.

Some highlights of the summer, no particular order:
-about 12 sails taken, docking incidents: 0
-made some lovely new friends
-discovered ridiculously awesome ice cream parlor within walking distance of the marina
-Alicia's brother Tommy got engaged; Alicia's future sister-in-law is just a doll!  
-picked-our-own cherries, blueberries, blackberries, corn, peaches, and tomatoes from the wilds of New Jersey, several canning storms resulted.
-Sheba's first sail.  Suprisingly, she appears not to care if the boat is underway or not.  She doesn't get seasick like we worried she might.
-did we mention air conditioning?  We just love our air conditioner.

Summer sailing photos from our 'sausage party sail' in August are HERE.
Here's a picture of our view of Manhattan's Sept 11 memorial lights just across the water.