Ship's Log

March 31st, 2008:

As we gradually make our cruising plans known to more and more people, we've been getting a ton of advice, solicited and unsolicited.  All of it is given with the best of intentions, but we've learned to carefully 'consider the source' and take most tips with a grain of salt.  Armchair sailor?  Taken with lots and lots of salt. Two-time circumnavigator?  We're all ears and Mrs. Dash Salt-Free Seasoning only!

Imagine our excitement then, when this past Friday, we were given the incredible opportunity to introduce ourselves to dozens of people who have sailed their small boats all over the world, and ask them our pressing questions!  We're talking about the wonderful members of the Cruising Club of America , and we had the pleasure of meeting them at the Harlem Yacht Club in City Island.

"Elsie", built in 1917 by Alexander Graham Bell, played an important part in the founding of the CCA.

Normally the speakers featured at CCA meetings are salty voyagers detailing their world travels, but our friends and CCA members Scott and Kitty Kuhner kindly pushed through a different idea:  why not let a couple of unsalty newcomers take the floor and ask CCA members for advice on pulling off their first big cruise?   Thankfully, this friendly, highly experienced group of sailors were open to the idea.  We put together a Keynote presentation, put together our best rendition of yacht club attire, and away we went!  

Our questions to the group included:

*  What do you wish someone had told you before you set off on your first big journey?
*  What are the most valuable skills to have?
*  What happened that you didn't anticipate, and how did you manage?
*  Do you carry weapons?  Why?  Why not?
*  What piece of equipment do you consider indispensable?
*  Where do you feel our efforts are best concentrated?

The answers we recieved were thorough, kind, entertaining and most importantly, backed up by actual experience.  What a godsend!  It was truly a great evening for us, and we're grateful to everyone who took the time to add their input.  What a fantastic, helpful group of people!  

Inspired and engergized by the encouragement heaped upon us, we dove into our boat projects with new ferocity on Saturday and Sunday.  Having just dropped many, many pieces of silver at Defender Marine's warehouse sale on Thursday, we have all the materials we're likely to need for the next few weeks, so it's all up to us.  We can't wait to get sailing again, and the warmer air and longer days means our time under the bubble is running out!  


PS-- To soap fans, Alicia's about to make a couple of big batches with summery scents.  Drop an email if you'd like some!


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