Ship's Log

January 30, 2008

Well, we've had some chilly weather as of late, and we're loving the greenhouse effect of our bubble.  We wanted to show you non-believers who think we're just straight up crazy for building the thing some real proof of the joys of bubble living.  

Our alarm clock has a built-in temperature sensor and an additional remote sensor that can transmit temp information back to the clock from up to 100 feet away.  Many of our fellow liveaboards have such an item, since keeping your boat's close-to-the-hull pipes, hoses and plumbing above the freezing mark can be the difference between sinking and not sinking.   You can place the remote sensor in your bilge, near pipes in the head, or any other chilly place you want to keep an eye on without having to leave your heated comfort zone.

Anyhoo, we took our remote sensor and placed it on the dock just outside our door on a bright, cold Sunday.  Observe: it's almost 80 degrees inside the bubble , while outside it's a frigid 26!  Inside the cabin itself, it's even warmer than that.  Working on our deck projects on a sunny day, we can literally be sweating in our t-shirts while our ice cream bars stay frozen just outside the door.  Hooray for free solar heat!  See?  Don't act like you're not impressed.


Ice upstate making its way down the Hudson River towards our marina.  Not toasty!

The leak eradification project is coming along well, and we'll have pictures once the job's completed.  It's a gratifying project to work on, knowing that we're making the boat more seaworthy, and it's not a terribly complicated or expensive job.

How else have we been whiling the cold winter hours away?

We winterized the engine:

Flushing out with fresh water:  that's the engine intake hose in the bucket, sucking up
hosewater from the communal liveaboard spigot.  We then filled the bucket with antifreeze and let the engine suck that up.

Brian changing the oil.  Louie tries in vain to help, and as usual Bus is not impressed.  

We've been warming up the chilly evenings with home cooking:

Potato/leek soup

Apple cobbler ready for baking

The weekly animal food preparation.

Sheba doesn't care if the chicken is cooked or not (or even unwrapped, it seems).

Also, we've been scouting wedding locations upstate, and found a great one.  Here's a boat winterized "the easy way" that we found on one of our wanderings:

And here's where we're pretty certain the ceremony will take place.  Under the gnarly old apple tree!

It is our goal to update more frequently than we have of late-- things were all a-twitter earlier this month with the lingering holidays and some wedding-planning stuff, but things are settling back down now.  We hope you're all healthy, well, and cozy.

Warm birthday wishes to our dear friend Tony-- we love you!

Take care, everybody!


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