Ship's Log

January 10, 2008

Hello, and a belated Happy New Year to everybody!  

Here's the big news around here for us:  sly dog Brian, obeying the letter but not the spirit of Alicia's "just make me something" Christmas gift law, spent 10 hours in a jeweler's workshop in early December, making her an engagement ring.  Then on 12/15, he knocked her socks off in front of the Christmas tree on the foredeck!   The ring fit perfectly, and Alicia loves it.  We're all official and whatnot now!

Subsequently, quotations from the movie "Old School" are at an all-time high around the boat.

The holidays were fun and busy.  From the Collins holiday dinner to the Izzi family's big Christmas Eve fish feast, we visited with Alicia's rather huge extended families and made "The Announcement".   It was a great Christmas, and Brian even managed to consistently call Alicia's 6 uncles and 8 aunts by their proper names, and didn't do half badly with the army of cousins'!  

Louie was kindly invited to the party at Aunt Pat and Uncle Tony's
house and smiled like this throughout the whole night!

Also, December 26th marked our little Bus's one year anniversary since her diagnosis with kidney failure.  She's still kickin', and looking like she's going to continue to do so for quite a while yet!  We salute Sheba for her crabby, adorable toughness and everything she is.

2008 is shaping up to be the Mother of all Humdingers with all the gettin' hitched and the sailing off into the sunset gearing up to take place, not to mention the scheduling and organizational Olympics that each of those events require.  2007 was for total babies;  it's time to take crazy to a whole new, previously unfathomable level!  The holidays are over, the Christmas cookies have been fed to Louis, and the tree has been taken down.  Time to dig in!  

We're tackling the first, and probably most arduous boat project on our list this very weekend:  leak eradification!  

SARABANDE, bless her, has lots of secret places on deck that let water trickle down into the cabin to make things soggy.  This is a problem in all fiberglass boats, let alone ones that are 43 years old, so we don't hold it against her.  But we no longer want a rainy forecast to mean sopping up charming little puddles in important storage areas-- let alone charming little puddles of ocean if we happen to take some green water on deck.  So we're digging out the chisel set, the plastic storage tote known as "Epoxytown", and talking sealant choices over our wine at dinner.  It begins on Saturday.  It's probably going to take way longer than we think to complete.  

Brian got a new camera for Christmas, so we'll have high-resolution pictures of the progress.  In the meantime, here are a few photos taken during our holidays.

Take care, y'alls!  


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