Brian Nisbett  

Brian Nisbett was born in Arkansas but grew up in Oklahoma.  As a little boy, Brian was fascinated by electronics and machinery and spent many happy hours taking things apart and learning how they worked.  As a teenager, he rigged the lights and scenery for his high school's drama productions and was the whiz of the school's television broadcasting curriculum.  In the summers and afternoons after school, he cultivated his photography skills and earned extra pocket money restoring and selling classic cars.

After high school, Brian attended one year at The University of Oklahoma before transferring to the North Carolina School of the Arts to study filmmaking.  He majored in cinematography and graduated in June 2001.

After graduation, Brian dove into the independent film world of New York City.  He was the cinematographer of the gritty drama "Shelter", which was featured at the 2004 Slamdance Film Festival.  Brian also worked on lots of other feature films, music videos and commercials in the capacity of grip, best boy electric and gaffer.

Brian eventually worked as a private film projectionist at Soho House while living with his lady friend, his dog and his cat aboard SARABANDE in Jersey City.  He spent all his free time fixing up the boat and preparing for the cruise.

He married his lady friend, quit his job, and sailed off into the sunset in the fall of 2008.

Fun Facts About Brian:

- Brian was rocking a handlebar mustache at the time when he and Alicia began dating
- He gladly performs "The Worm" on the dancefloor if asked nicely and if the moment is right.
- Brian can bench-press Louis Tannenbaum many times over, and has beaten him in numerous wrestling matches.
- Brian cannot resist from randomly honking the horn while driving.
- When text messaging on a cell phone using the T9 word function, "asian" is the first word that appears when one types the number combination for "Brian".  Thus when sending text messages, friends simply refer to him as such.

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