Knowing Is Half the Battle

Here are some topics we're learning about through experience.  Before we went cruising, we tore up the internet looking for advice on how to adjust to this weird and brilliant lifestyle.  What we found was a lot of disturbing advice about shooting pirates and how to survive the ultimate storm, but hardly anything about dealing with the day-to-day details of life on a cruising sailboat.  

So, even though we're not experts by any stretch of the definition, here are some write ups that might be of interest to someone getting ready to untie the dock lines and get out here!  We were really curious about these sort of things, and maybe you'll find something helpful here.  We'll add to this page as we learn more.

*Old-Fashioned Laundry

*Pets Aboard, Part 1 - "Business Time"
*Pets Aboard, Part 2 - "For the Home Office"
*Pets Aboard, Part 3 - "Preventing Unwanted Groupies"

*Provisioning in the Dominican Republic

*Year In Review:  Hearts and Bones

*The Island Hopping Baby

More to come later

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